Intensive Skin Lightening Complex

Intensive Skin Lightening Complex



Used regularly, this potent intensive skin lightening complex blend of 2% Hydroquinone,1% Kojic Acid, Vitamins A and E, Aloe and Sunflower Seed Oil, will gradually lighten hyper-pigmentation and skin discolorations. A combination of sun avoidance and daily use of this creme will help fade age spots, freckles, melasma and other skin discolorations.

Directions:  Apply to face and body morning and night avoiding lip and eye area.  For optimal results, allow cream to absorb, and follow with a sunscreen.  This product works best if used in three month intervals.

Warning:  When using this product, avoid lip and eye area, limit sun exposure and use sunscreen.  If excess irritation develops discontinue use of this product.  Pregnant women and children under 12 years of age should not use, unless directed by a physician.