Olive Dual-Cleansing Oil 8oz

Olive Dual-Cleansing Oil 8oz



Olive dual-cleansing oil Skincare Essentials This purifying cleansing oil promotes clarity by effectively drawing out makeup residue and impurities while conditioning the skin all in one step. Formulated with a blend of non-pore clogging olive fruit, argan and jojoba oils and a special plant emulsifier that helps it rinse-off completely with just water, leaving the face clean and soft.  

This is the backbar 8oz size.


Directions: Warm up a small amount of cleansing oil with dry hands, then gently massage onto dry skin in a circular motion. Use a warm washcloth to open pores and gently exfoliate, then rinse off with tepid water.


Tip: do not add water until ready to rinse off.